Scoot! Renaming Numbers

Have you ever played Scoot? It’s very easy to play, and I’ve created a version for you to use to review or preview place value relationships below.

If you’ve never heard of Scoot, here’s how you play:

  1. Give each child a recording sheet. They will keep their sheet and pencil with them during the game.
  2. Place a task card face down at each person’s seat.
  3. When you say “Go.” students turn over the card at their seat and write the answer on the appropriate square of their recording sheet.
  4. When you say “Scoot!” students move to the next seat (cards stay–kids move) and do the next problem.
    At the end of the game, review answers.

Since I know we have a tough lesson Monday (renaming thousands as hundreds) I wanted to build my students’ number sense and sort of preview the concept, so I made this game:

My kids really enjoyed playing this game today and it seemed to help them understand renaming numbers a little more than they did before. That should really help next week when we do numerical representations and larger numbers. I hope you enjoy it!