Reading Detectives – Non Fiction Graphic Organizer

I wanted to share a graphic organizer I created with all of you.This graphic organizer helped me engage my students in Non-Fiction reading by turning the activity into a game. It’s all about the way we present it to them, isn’t it? I pulled a few magnifying glasses from my Science kits and let students work in small groups or pairs as detectives.

The organizer uses the acronym DETECTIVE to guide students through the text and spark discussion. It can be used before whole group discussion or afterward. Students can complete it during guided reading with teacher’s support or during ceneters/individual work.

I’ve used this graphic organizer in Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies as it is a great tool to integrate reading skills with the content areas.

This organizer covers multiple Information Text standards ranging from 3-6 grades. 5.RIT.2, 5.RIT.4, 5.RIT.5, 5.RIT.7

I hope you find it useful. I’d love to hear how it worked in your classroom 🙂