Sunday, April 30, 2017

Mastering Short Vowels

Short Vowel Activities

Mastering vowel sounds is an important step to reading and short vowels can be especially tricky for some readers.  

I like to use lots of different activities that allow my readers to practice short vowels and cvc patterns.  

Short Vowel Activities Roll On set and rimes

One fun way to practice short vowels is with these cubes!  I don't know what it is but kids LOVE to roll these cubes!

Short Vowel Activities Rolling CVC words

I like to have students practice on-set and rimes and blending individual sounds.  

Tips for using linking charts activities to learn cvc words

Do you use Linking Charts?  I have found that reading linking charts make a huge difference, especially for struggling readers.  We read the forwards, backwards, top to bottom, bottom to top, etc...  Some have picture clues and others do not.  It is all about getting students fluent with the sounds they are working on.  

Short vowel cvc chunk it activities

As students gain confidence and letter sound skills, I also want them moving toward chunking words together.  Seeing words as whole pieces or in chunks rather than individual sounds.  While working on reading, we are also working on comprehension!

Short Vowel Fluency Strips

A fun and quick way to practice short vowels is to do a quick run through on fluency strips.  Students can grab a ring in the mornings or during word work stations and go read!

Short Vowel Fluency Strips

Doesn't take but a few minutes a day and they can be read in pairs too!

cvc intervention phonics binder for RTI, guided reading and word work stations

Try adding fun pointers to your word work!  Funny how just adding something different can up the engagement for students!

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