Sunday, February 21, 2016

CVC Intervention Binder

cvc word work intervention binder

Our RTI has just begun for the second cycle of the year.  I know many of you have students needing more work with CVC words.  I also  know you need resources that aren't going to require a lot of time or colored ink to set up.  This CVC Word Work Intervention Binder is just the thing!  It is No Prep- Print & Go!

cvc word work intervention binder

cvc word work intervention activities for RTI

Add fun pointers and have students read the linking charts that are included.  It is so important that they get these short vowel sounds.  I find that my struggling readers find short vowels so difficult sometimes.  There are a lot of ways to read these charts- forwards, backwards, sideways, speed read, what comes before, after...Say a word with one of the chunks and they mark it with a colored Bingo chip.  Many ways to help them become fluent with these short vowel sounds.

cvc word work intervention binder

A lot students start out with sound by sound reading.  Then we want to move them to chunking as soon as they are ready.   

cvc word work intervention binder

Fun glasses or pointers help keep the engagement up as they read to make these sounds more automatic.  Also, included in the pack is scooping the chunks together to help students read in chunks instead of sound by sound.

                                                  cvc word work intervention binder

Games can be played too to make it fun!!

cvc word work intervention binder

All this practice is to help students apply the skills to actual reading of sentences.  If they can only read the words in isolation, that is not going to help them much in the real world.  Paying attention to the punctuation helps with comprehending the sentences too.

cvc word work intervention binder

Then, of course, can they read and comprehend these cvc word patterns in paragraphs?  It's all about moving the students from where they are towards application of the skills for better fluency and comprehension!

You can click any of these pictures or click here to be taken to see this resource!


Blends and Digraphs RTI Intervention Binder

Blends and Digraphs RTI Intervention Binder

Blends and Digraphs RTI Intervention Binder

Update:  Long Vowel Silent e Intervention Binder is now available!  Click here or on the pictures above.  All the binders in this set are now available!  

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