Sunday, March 8, 2015

Break It Up!

Closed Syllable Multisyllabic Word Activities

My reading groups are working on building fluency and part of building fluency is knowing how to break up multisyllabic words.  And being able to do break them up quickly.  Some of my students struggle with being able to do this so they need extra practice.  

                                      Open & Closed Syllable Multisyllabic Word Activities

Part of understanding multisyllabic words is understanding syllables.  An easy visual to use when teaching open and closed syllables to help students understand is writing a word on a card or construction paper and folding the last third over.  You can even add a doorknob to the fold to help them remember.  Whatever it takes to make it novel and new!  Explain how the consonant closed the door on the vowel and makes the vowel say its name.  

But when the consonant goes away, it opens the door to the vowel so the vowel can now say its own long vowel name.  

Closed Syllable Short Vowel Word Activities

An easy fun way to practice fluency with short vowel sounds are using these short vowel strips.

short vowel fluency strips

Students can work their way through the groups of short vowel sentences and practice their fluency.  Some of my little guys need all the extra practice I can fit in.

short vowel fluency activities
The whole point of fluency is comprehension, so a fun way to be sure students are comprehending these fluency strips is to have them do quick comprehension sketches about each sentence.  I don't want to create word callers!  I want students to be able to read and understand what they have read.

Closed Syllable Multisyllabic Word Activities

Students who are ready for multisyllabic words can practice building the words with these fun word puzzles!  You can differentiate the puzzles by printing them on white paper or using different colored paper for first and second syllables.  
Closed Syllable Multisyllabic Word Activities

Another great way to practice is using these task cards where students must match up a syllable from the first pair to a syllable from the second pair.

Closed Syllable Multisyllabic Word Activities

Finally, students are ready to apply these skills by reading stories with multisyllabic words and answering comprehension questions.  Like I said, fluency needs to be about comprehending what you are reading.  

Open Syllable Multisyllabic Word Activities

I have some students in RTI that need some work on open syllable words.  These pirate themed puzzles will work great for that.  Be sure they understand the open syllable first by using the cards to demonstrate open and closed syllables.  It is such a great visual tool!

Open Syllable Multisyllabic Word Activities

I want to stretch my students a bit more, so they can also practice with 3 syllable words.  You can differentiate by giving them the whole word cards first or last.  

Open Syllable Multisyllabic Word Activities

These task cards help give students more practice reading and choosing the correct multisyllablic word that fits the sentence.  Then they move on to the fluency and comprehension stories like were in the closed syllable resource.  

Click on any of the pictures to check out that resources!

I hope these ideas will help your students learn to "break it up" with those multisyllabic words!  If you haven't come by my blog in a while, I would love to have you visit.  The 3am Teacher gave me a fresh, brand new look!


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You are welcome!

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