Sunday, September 14, 2014

Rice Boxes & Cookie Sheets

using a rice box to teach letters

The ABC song...ABC charts...ABC activities...noticing a theme?  We are song singing, chart reading, game playing our way to becoming letter experts!

using cookie sheets for ABC activities

Finding different ways to match and say letter names is what it takes to get these letters learned.  One fun way to do this is rice boxes and cookie sheets!  Cookie sheets and magnetic letters just seem to go together.  

rice box and letter activities

Rice boxes can be filled with rice, popcorn kernels, beans, pom poms etc... Hide plastic letters in there and let students scoop out the letters with plastic ice cream scoops!  They love, love doing this!  Be sure to go over some ground rules first- like never, ever put the food items in your mouth and scoop easy so not to scatter the rice.  Placing a cookie sheet under the rice box is a great way to contain it.

using cookies sheets and magnetic letters for centers to teach ABCs

Students can match up capitals to capitals, lower case to lower case, lower case to capitals or the other way around too.  It's a good idea to keep an ABC chart handy for those that need that extra scaffolding.

use rice boxes and cookies sheets to teach letters

I like having students practice their ABC fluency while reading as if they are sentences!  Gives them practice noticing punctuation.  This is for students that have mastered identifying letters so they can just concentrate on reading them fluently.  Just give them some fun glasses, pointers and maybe even a play microphone and they are off practicing!

Use magnifying glasses and highlighters to hunt for letters!

Who doesn't love a letter hunt?  And getting to use a magnifying glass to do it is always cool!

ABC Letter Strips and Magnetic letters

Letter strips are a fun way to practice letters, associate the sound and picture that goes with them and writing when they write their letters on the recording sheets.

Hope you had fun seeing these ABC activities!  We go over and over with lots of repetition, but in different ways to get those letters to stick.  You can click any picture or click here to take another look.

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