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RtI Data Binders & Graphs

documenting and tracking student progress for RtI

Is your school implementing RtI or Response to Intervention?  At my school, we have 2 cycles of RtI that are systematic and data driven.  And because it is systematic and data driven, it is successful in helping students improve their reading.

Tracking student progress with goal lines and progress lines

We assess students who are in RtI 3 times to find a baseline, then average those scores to figure the goal line.  Then each week, we assess (progress monitoring) to see how the interventions are working for the students.  

Document and Track Student Progress for RtI

I was asked about having my RtI files available to others so I created these 3 RtI Binders & Graph Pages.  The one above is mostly for first grade, but if you have students below level in second grade or above, they may benefit from these binders and graphs also.

Document & Track Student Progress for RtI

This one is more for kindergarten or lower first grade students.  It includes a binder for the teacher and for students- one cover for boys and one for girls.  

documenting and tracking student progress for RtI

UPDATE:  I have now added my Second Grade RTI Data Binder!  This binder is perfect for implementing using graphs to document student progress.

Third Grade RTI Data Binder is now available and I have all the data binders K-3 bundled together!

organized and manage RTI data with these binders for teachers and students

Manage and Organize RTI data with this data binder bundle

It is powerful to have students track their progress.

document and track student progress in RTI

These pages are for the teacher to track weekly progress the student is making.  This is your evidence on how your student is progressing when you have your RTI data meeting.  Click on any of the pictures to be taken to this item.

I was asked about my RtI folder that I kept on my students:  graphs, student notes on movement through the tiers, rubrics, etc...  So I created these three RtI Data Binders to help out those of you looking to document your students progress in RtI and a way for students to track their own progress.  Above is a picture of a goal sheet for students to fill out before and after the RtI cycle is complete. 

documenting and tracking student progress for RtI

Besides all the graphs, I also keep copies of parent notification letters.  This is your documentation that you have had parent contact about their child being in RtI and what the interventions would be.

documenting and tracking student progress for RtI

I have included ways for you to keep track of which interventions all the students in your tier are receiving and a graph for documenting the days and absences your RtI students attend.  

documenting and tracking student progress for RtI

All those graphs and pages, plus binder covers for the teacher and students are included in my RtI Data Binder.  This one covers skills mostly for kindergarten students.  It contains graphs for documenting skills like rhyming, deleting phonemes, letter identification, etc...  This pack is not the assessments or activities.  It is all the forms and graphs you need for documenting and tracking progress.  

If you are needing the activities and assessments and a way to keep track of them, this Kindergarten Assessment Binder & Phonemic Awareness Bundle would be what you need.

documenting and tracking student progress for RtI using graphs

This is an example of a student tracking graph from my first grade RtI Data Binder for students to track their own progress.  This binder has graphs for short vowels, digraphs, vowel teams, inflections, and many more.  

I hope these 3 packs will help you with your documenting of student progress in RtI.  Keeping track of data and specifically adjusting your teaching to according to what trend you are seeing on their graphs makes RtI so much more successful!   Click on any picture to see these packs.

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