Sunday, July 28, 2013

Phonemic Awareness, Data Organization & A Freebie

the importance of teaching phonemic awareness

We all know teaching letters and phonemic awareness is important, right?  But how to go about it and having the right materials to do it is sometimes hard.  Especially with phonemic awareness.  And what about keeping all that data organized?

I am the RtI coordinator for my school and data on these topics is important to me.  I assess all our kinder kids on letter & sound identification and phonemic awareness.  I needed a way to keep all this data organized. Both by class and by student.  

This is what I use to accomplish that organization and assessment.  It keeps me sane and from pulling out my hair wondering where everything is because it is all bound together neatly.

keep all your data assessment organized

beginning, middle, and end of the year assessment binder

This is a small sample of what is in this pack.  There are two covers.  The bottom one shows this all spiral bound so it is easier to flip through.  I also bound the letter cards so they would correspond to the order that I test on that is in the binder.  And I included beginning math skills like recognizing numbers, shapes, colors, etc.  You can bind those cards too.  It is all in there!  It seriously has made things easier for me!

What is not included are the phonemic awareness activities and assessments.  I included spaces for the assessment data of phonemic awareness.  Now I have all the activities created and I included the assessments for you to make it easier for you.  Who likes trying to track down assessments anyway?  

Counting Syllables:
counting syllables activities and assessments

Identify and Supply Rhymes:
rhyming activities and assessments

Blend and Segment Phonemes:
Blending and Segmenting Phoneme activities and assessments

Isolate Phonemes and Identify Common Phonemes:
Isolate Phonemes and Identify Common Phonemes Activities and Assessments

Delete and Manipulate Phonemes:

Delete and Manipulate Phonemes Activities and Assessments

All of these packs were created to pair with the binder.  There are spaces to record the scores for these activities/assessments.  They will make teaching and assessing specific phonemic awareness skills so much easier!

This FREEBIE also goes with the Kindergarten Assessment Binder.  It is a Concepts of Print assessment and there is a spot on the graphs in the binder for student scores just like for the other assessments.  I thought it might help some of you out.  Just click the picture to grab it!

If you want to see any of them, just click the pictures to be taken to my store.  Or click here for my store in general.

I hope this binder, activities, and assessments makes your life so much easier this school year!  Thanks for visiting with me today!!

These items are now bundled per customer request!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Now I Know My ABCs! Freebie too!

T, U, V, W, X, Y, and Z...Now I know my ABCs!  Are you singing along with me??  

Pretty soon it will be time for these sweet little scrubbed faces to be coming in our rooms ready for everything we have for them.  One thing I needed to have more of to be ready for these little guys is ABC activities.  

Some come in not knowing any of their letters, so they may need some differentiation like picture clues to help them match capitals to lower case letters.

matching capitals and lower case letters

Some little kinders will come in with a working knowledge of some of the letters and won't need the matching clues.  So both of these are included as activities so you can differentiate for students.

creating an abc book

To further help students make connections between letters and words that begin with those letters, they can create an alphabet book.  It is important that they get to choose the words that are meaningful to them to include.  They draw the picture and write the letters.              

path of movement tracing cards

Students really need to learn to form their letters correctly by following the path of movement.  This will help students that easily confuse letters like b and d.  If they learn to write them correctly it will make it easier for them not to get them confused as they are written differently.

I Have Who Has matching capitals to lower case letters

Since the goal of these activities is for students to learn to match capitals to their lower case letters, a fun way to practice this is with I Have Who Has game.  

matching lower case letters to upper case letters

My little ones are going to be having a good time with these activities and not even realize the amount of learning they are doing!  I can't wait for them to get off to a great start!

Click the pictures if you want to check these out.  

And for when you have students reading some short words, you could also play this I Have Who Has game with easy sight words.  Just click the picture to grab this freebie!!

beginning sight words

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