Sunday, December 1, 2013

Guided Reading Anecdotal Records Notebook & Freebie

How do you keep your guided reading anecdotal records organized?  I like to have lots of pieces of information when I am planning my lessons for my small group reading.  But it was so hard keeping up with it all!  I had word lists over here and letters and sounds mastered in this other notebook and how students did on their running records in a completely different notebook.  

I am always tweaking how I do things to streamline it a bit more.  I finally have my anecdotal notebook like I want it.  Everything is right there- all the pieces of information that I need in one place.

I like to keep records on a lot of different pieces of information so I can more effectively and efficiently plan my lessons to fit each group and each student.  
I keep info on the book level, percent of accuracy, self-correction ratio, which cues they are using, and how their fluency and comprehension is progressing.  I also jot down notes about things I am noticing about their learning.  

As you can see from this picture, I also like to collect information on the students' phonemic awareness or phonics and the reading behaviors for the reading stage they are in.  

I also like to do little check ins on students as I listen to them read.  After I listen to them, I can show them the letters or words we are working on that week and do a quick check on them to see if they are mastering them.  If so, I just check it off my list.

These are great ways to see how each student is progressing and gives you a lot of important information for parents.  You get to know each child and their reading quite well.  Having an anecdotal notebook helps you plan more effectively for your small groups too.

If this notebook might help you stay organized and plan more effective lessons, just click on any picture above or click here to be taken to my store to see it.  

Here is a holiday freebie for you!  Hopefully it will help your students learn to use evidence from the text to prove their answers.  Click on the picture to be able to grab it!

I hope you all had a wonderful celebration of Thanksgiving with your family and friends this past week.  Be sure to come visit me at my blog!


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