Sunday, October 6, 2013

Easy To Use Reader's Notebooks

Using an interactive reader's notebook that is easy to use

Do you and your students love using Reader's Notebooks?  I love having my students use these great tools during word work, guided reading, goal setting, etc.... 

I used to use spiral notebooks, but I was never really happy with them.  Wires would come out, we didn't always need the lines, not an easy way to separate the sections, and adding pages never worked well.

I really like using Reader's Notebooks with my classes!  But I don't have much time with each group so the interactive notebooks that require a lot of coloring, cutting and gluing by the students weren't a good choice for us.  I like the way the activities look, but my students just don't have to complete a lot of them.  

In the Reader's Notebook that we are using now, there is very little cutting and gluing required.  Take a look at it!

Using an interactive reader's notebook that is easy to use

There are 4 sections:  Word Work, Comprehension: My Thoughts About What I Read, Vocabulary, and My Reading Progress.

Using an interactive reader's notebook that is easy to use

Each section has pages to insert into a 3-ring binder to aide students as they learn.  There are lots of different pages to help students with their reading.

Using an interactive reader's notebook that is easy to use

In the last section, My Reading Progress, there are lots of graphs and tables for students to monitor their progress and the books they read.  And very little gluing is involved!  That is what helps me out so much with time management.  

If this is the kind of Reader's Notebook that would work for you, you can read more about the contents by clicking here or by clicking on any of the pictures above.  

I hope your school year has gotten off to a wonderful start and lots of learning is happening!  Thanks for visiting with me today!  Stop by my blog sometime- I just got a blog make-over and it looks wonderful!  I would love for you to see it!!!


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