Monday, August 12, 2013

Common Core Math Spiral

One thing that's specific to the Common Core standards, and might be new to you and your state, is that the Common Core have very few standards at each grade level.  Instead, each standard is expected to be taught in depth so students have a full understanding of what each standard means.  Rather than just memorizing formulas and implementing them, students need to truly understand the standards and the skills they represent.  That is also why the Standards for Mathematical Practice are a crucial part of the standards.  Students need to be able to read a problem and figure out which skill they need to perform to find the answer.  They need that strong understanding in order to achieve that task.

I've created daily math warm ups of the Common Core standards.  The reason behind them is to give students daily practice with a variety of standards, in a variety of formats, to really help ensure mastery.  Also, by having students attempt standards they haven't taught yet, it helps them build their problem solving skills.  For example, third grade begins simple multiplication facts right from the start.  Most second grade classrooms begin teaching arrays and the basics of multiplication.  They hit the ground running in third, and this helps teachers see which students have already moved over into standard multiplication form.

I had originally only created 40 pages, but there was such a demand from teachers wanting enough for a full year's practice, that I made 4 sets.  You can buy any one of the 4 sets, or you can get the bundle on a discount.  Also, I have 4 free pages in the preview file of any set so you can check them out.

 This page practices adding and subtracting, as well as number sense with place value and expanded form, and finally comparing numbers.  

 This page also practices adding and subtracting numbers but this time it is with much larger numbers and requires borrowing and carrying.  It also practices numbers in word form, reading graphs, and dividing a shape into fractions.

This page practices place value understanding using base ten blocks figures.  It also introduces drawing and understanding arrays, understanding properties of shapes, measurement to inches and centimeters, and practicing adding coins.

The third grade set is very similar.

 This page practices adding large numbers, multiplication, rounding to the hundreds place, telling time, and patterns in numbers.

 This page practices estimating weights, subtracting large numbers, fractions on a number line, interpreting graphs, and multiplication fact families.

This page practices introducing algebra, area and perimeter, identifying and completing rules, and shapes.

Don't forget that there are 4 free pages in the preview file for you to download and use with your students.  For the beginning of the year, I'd recommend using the pages with the year below to be a great review before you really start teaching this year's standards.

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