Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Structuring Math Workshop

I  feel like I have organized, restructured, and tried about 1,000 new systems. It is just one of those years!

We decided to reorganize our math block (again) to better meet the needs of our kiddos.  Since I co-teach in an inclusion classroom there are two teachers my classroom: myself and another teacher.  It is a fantastic arrangement.  We are lucky that we see eye to eye on instruction and kids in general and she has quickly become one of my closest friends!  One thing we noticed is that our students needs are quickly changing   Some kids are ready to move on to more complex topics, while others need to take it slow and easy.  At the beginning of the year, there wasn't as much of a divide.

To remedy this we have decided to break the class into two groups (give or take) and parallel teach.   This lowers the student- teacher ratio and makes it easier to "touch" all the kids.

Here is a glimpse at my "big picture" and schedule:

11:45-12:15- whole group lesson with my small group of 13 kids
12:15-12:45 independent practice/ centers with my small group of 13 kids
12:45-1:00 whole class (all students) closure
1:00 Recess

This means I will have about 13 kids in my group.  I am thinking that I will do a whole group lesson with all 13 kids, then the kids will complete a worksheet (oh, the horrors!  A worksheet!) that I will use as a formative daily assessment.

Please hop on over to my blog to read more about how my centers are organized (I included tons of photos) AND for a free copy of the sheet above!


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