Sunday, February 17, 2013

Blends and Digraphs Time!

Blends and Digraphs Chart

I have updated the Blends and Digraphs resource!  This is the updated version.  Just click the picture above to be taken to this resource or click here!   I included a color and a black and white chart for you!

Blends and Digraphs Chart
Blends and Digraphs Chart 1

Blends and Digraphs Chart

My Blends and Digraphs Set 2 has also been updated.  Click the picture or click here to see this resource!  This set also includes a color chart and black and white chart too!

Blends and Digraphs Chart
Blends and Digraphs Chart 2

 Do your students struggle with blends and digraphs?  Do they try to pronounce each sound individually rather than push them together?  

I know my students struggle with them!  Especially my RtI students.  They just have a hard time connecting the letters to the sound.  I had a chart with blends and pictures on it, but wasn't entirely happy with it.  So I made one, okay two, that work better.  

I like to say a word- snow- and have students identify the beginning sounds and then connect that beginning sound with the picture on the chart- snake.  This activity makes a better connection with students when they can make auditory and visual connections.

A great way, besides the activity above and the posters, to make those connections is to play I Have Who Has? with students.  It's a fun way to practice those connections with the pictures and the sounds.  
I Have Who Has blends and digraphs activity
I Have Who Has Blends and Digraphs Set 1

blends and digraphs activity
I Have Who Has Blends and Digraphs Set 2
These blends and digraphs are common core aligned, specifically to first grade:
   First Grade RFS.1.2
Demonstrate understanding of spoken words, syllables and sounds (phonemes).
b. Orally produce single-syllable words by blending sounds (phonemes), including consonant blends.
c.  Isolate and pronounce initial, medial vowel, and final sounds (phonemes) in spoken single-syllable words.

But I also find them useful for students who are advanced in kindergarten and students who are struggling in second and even third.  I will be using them with my RtI (Response to Intervention) students.  They will be having a good time playing the game, all the while strengthening their blends and digraphs skills!  

The blends and digraphs posters can be printed, laminated, and hung up in the classroom for students to refer to.  Or even better, print a copy for each student that needs one, place them in a plastic sleeve and they can be kept in their reader's notebook or in their desk.  :)

If blends and digraphs are something your students need to strengthen or learn, click right here for the first set .  Or click here to see the second set.


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