Friday, February 8, 2013

2nd Grade Common Core ELA Rubrics

If you have wondered what I have been up to this past few weeks when there was a lack of posts, it was the creation of this little beauty right here.  I am talking about  HOURS of work!  But, I am hoping that this will help keep me and all of you other second grade teachers on track out there!  Hopefully I have saved some of you a lot of work!

In this packet, there is a rubric for each 2nd grade standard and substandard, a checking sheet to keep track of assignments and grades.  And, I was even thinking about it....if you are one to keep track of how many times you introduce and reintroduce a skill, the tracking page would help with that, too!  

Those of you in other grades, is there a need for this for you too?  Is it something I should get to work on?


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