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Snowmen and Common Core Galore

Do your students love the Snowmen books?  I know my students just love, love these books!  Something about imagining your snowman coming to life and getting into mischief appeals to us all.  

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We love these books so much that I decided we needed a unit on them.  It's fun, it's practical and it covers a lot of the common core standards.  It gets them reading and writing!  Yay for that!

I wanted lots of different activities so I put in making words and comparing and contrasting the two stories with a bubble map.  Those maps are really popular right now, but even more important they are a great way to get kids to thinking about how books or characters are alike and different.  I also included the always popular Are, Can, Have.  But I don't like to hold students back, so I put in a blank one so students who are ready can come up with their own links to fill in.  

It is so important that students comprehend what they read, after all that is what reading is all about.  So we have comprehension cards for both stories.  Some questions are the literal, right in the book answer type and some are higher level questions to give students experience with both.

I like for students to write and to write with Writer's Workshop.  They get to write a narrative about what their snowman would do at night and then we switch gears and they write about how to do something.  I like for students to have their choice of what to write about so it is more meaningful to them.  So they get to pick the topic of what they want to write how to do.  Some fun ones they may think of are how to build a snowman, how to have a snowball fight, how to make snow ice cream or how to ice skate.  I am sure, as creative as their little minds are they will think of something wonderful!

To make it easier, I have included in this writing pack rubrics for both the narrative and for the explanatory writing.  Both grades one and grades two are included for you.

I hope this Snowmen Literacy Unit will be helpful to you in covering some of the standards and I hope it is full of learning and fun times for your students!!  We haven't had any real snow yet where I am so we are just having to make do with the snow fun in these books.  Click HERE to be taken to my store if this is something that would fit the needs of your students.

Here is another snowman resource- It's Snow Fun!

snowman literacy activities and snowman craft

snowman literacy activities and snowman craft

snowman literacy activities and snowman craft

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