Sunday, January 6, 2013

Short Vowel Foldable, Roll A Word & More!

Call me crazy, but I like to teach short vowels!  What I don't like is doing it in a boring, skill and drill way.  I have some students that need just a little more practice with these sounds to get them learned really solidly, so I made these activities for them to learn with and to have some fun!

Who doesn't love a foldable?  My students think they are neat.  This one is easy to do and students can keep them at their desk to refer to when needed.

short vowel activities

short vowel activities

Another fun way to practice those short vowel sounds is an activity called Roll A Word.  You have the beginning sounds on a green colored cube and ending sounds on a red cube- that helps to keep them from being used incorrectly.  Also the letters on the cubes are the same color as the Roll A Word recording sheet- just another way to stay organized and save you some time figuring out which cube belongs where.  No one has time for that!  Students roll the cubes, say the word they created and decide if it is a real word or a nonsense word.  They record the word on the proper side of the sheet.  Great center activity and kids love to roll the cubes!

short vowel activities

My kids (do you call them your kids too, even though they are your students?) like picture sorting.  I like using them for RtI, small group or literacy center activities as they can get started and complete the task with minimal help and they don't think they are working or learning.  Shhhhh- don't tell them that they really are!  :)  There are sorting mats and short vowel cards to go with the short vowel pictures- very colorful and engaging for the students to work with.

short vowel activities

Do you use making words?  Love this activity and I think it is a great teaching tool for students to learn to switch out sounds and build new words.  

short vowel activities

Included in this Short Vowel Pack are making short vowel books and Bingo too!  

short vowel activities

short vowel activities

As you can see, I have included a lot of different activities to help those young students to get these sounds down.  They can be used for whole class activities, small groups, or in literacy centers.  And as I mentioned at the start, they are great for RtI groups too!  

Click on any picture or click here and you will be taken to my store if this is something that will help you and your students out.  It is packed with 6 fun activities that are colorful and engaging!

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