Saturday, December 8, 2012

Christmas Point of View Writing

Need a ready-made lesson to share with your students to help them tackle narrative points of view? I developed this lesson after one of my students shared a piece of writing with the class that started out as a 3rd person narrative and ended up as a 1st person narrative. It worked out perfectly for us, because not only was it timely, but I was also able to tie it in to our reading skill for the week.

During our reading lessons this week, we've been focusing on comparing and contrasting the text features of different genres and different narrative texts using these graphic organizers I made. You can read more about that here. Click the link text to snag your free copies!


I love being able to link my reading and writing instruction whenever possible. I hope to help students see that if they know something in one area, it can be used to help them in the other. For the writing, I started out by using this PowerPoint lesson I made:
This lesson includes an explanation of the different points of view, as well as brief examples of each. I created short stories told from the points of view of a Christmas tree and a Christmas cookie, then had students participate in a guided writing activity to create a story from the point of view of a candy cane. There is also a PDF document I created to use for small group writing and an interactive bulletin board display for the hallway. Each small group of students will work together to create a story from their object's 1st person point of view. They'll write it on blank, framed paper that I'll place over the "answers" to create a display in the hall.

My students have really enjoyed these writing activities, and I can't wait to go in and finish them up on Monday. Have fun writing!


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