Sunday, November 4, 2012

Phonics and Word Analysis Skills

sorting words for vowel sounds

Phonics and Word Analysis...doesn't sound too exciting as it rolls off the tongue, does it?  But actually it can be fun and I find it exciting to see the students analyze a group of words, their brains buzzing trying to figure out how they all go together and what groups to put them into.  Then the light bulb goes on and they SEE   and HEAR how they fit together.  They almost can't talk and sort fast enough to keep up with how quickly their brains are moving!  LOVE that moment!  :)

Common core requires us to teach phonics and word analysis to students, but even beyond that, it is just flat out important for students to be able to quickly see how words are alike and different and to notice patterns in sounds and spelling.  Then they must be able to transfer this knowledge and apply it to their reading and writing.  This is where word sorting comes in. 

Updated Word Sort Cover:

Short and Long Vowel Word Sort activities

sorting words for long and short vowels

I have previously written about how important that I believe word sorts to be and you may remember the above picture.  If you missed that post on teaching higher order thinking skills just click here to be taken to that information.  

This new set of word sorts is the next step in sorting as the words used are a little more difficult.  In this set, students will sort for vowel teams, r controlled vowels, digraphs, blends and diphthongs.  

sorting words for vowel sounds

sorting words for vowel sounds

sorting words for vowel sounds

sorting words for vowel sounds

Just like in the other word sorts, I have included the transfer words in this pack.  I cannot say enough times how important it is for students to not learn this skill in isolation.  They must be able to turn around and transfer this step and apply the skill when they are writing and reading.  I have been doing word sorts for years and years and whole-heartedly believe in their value for my students' literacy learning!

Thanks for letting me share with you today about my love for word sorts !  I would love to hear from you! Come visit me sometime! 


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