Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Teaching Common Core Writing Standards with a Tree Journal

Whether you live in a warm climate or not, taking a walk outside to observe the trees and having students draw and write about what they observe over time would be a great way to integrate science and ELA CCSS Writing K-2.
 There are so many great fall books to read during Read Aloud time. After reading several, give each student a different color piece of yarn , string or label and go outside. Have students pick a tree they want to observe and tie a string, yarn around a branch or mark their tree. Have them observe the leaves on their tree. Then come back to the room and give each one their "My Tree Journal."  For Kindergartners they can just draw their tree and label the colors of the leaves.1st and 2nd graders can draw and write about their tree. Add as many pages as you need for each time that you take them outside to do their observation. It would also be a great activity to send home for parents to do with their children to continue the activity. You can download your free copy by clicking in the image above. If you would like some other great ideas just click on the picture below.

Hope you have some beautiful fall trees for your students to observe.
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