Monday, October 15, 2012

Speaking and Listening with a Game

Speaking and listening, how do we really assess these or better yet how do we practice?  Technically, our students practice this every day during classroom discussions, cooperative learning, following directions, you name it.  Quite a few years ago, I started using the game I have…Who has with my students.  First, they L-O-V-E the game.  Whether we are playing content related games or games for fun, these games grab their attention, keep it, and become competitive in nature.  By competitive, I mean the class competes against themselves.  They try to beat their previous time in completing the game.  It becomes intrinsic.  If you haven’t played this game with your class, I highly recommend it!  It is quite amazing to see how intense this game becomes, no matter what grade they are in.

I have a few sets of these games available as freebies centered on seasonal topics.   If you haven’t tried I have…Who has… this is a perfect way to try them out.  Not only will your students have fun playing they will also be practicing on their speaking and listening skills.  Great for Common Core!

You can find it here.


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