Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Number Order with Foam Pumpkins

Anyone else obsessed with the Dollar Tree at Target?!  I love finding little objects that I can turn into manipulatives for the kids to use.  I found some foam pumpkins that I wanted to write numbers on and have the children put them in the correct order.  I decided to use puffy paint to write the number on one pumpkin, and show the number in dots for the kids to count on another.  Here are some pictures of the pumpkin DIY project I made.

I had the students sit on the carpet, and I handed out the pumpkin numbers and pumpkin dots.  I asked the students to come up and place their pumpkin numbers in the correct order.  

Then we went back through the numbers, and showed the number represented in dots.  

This was a easy way to get the kids excited about counting, and this will be one of my center options now the the kids know how to use them!

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Michelle Griffo 


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