Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Identifying Story Structure and Answering Questions

We have just finished discussing plot in our classroom and how narrative stories are organized.  I tied this into story elements and finding the beginning, middle and end of a literary piece of text.  To make the connection between the story elements and structure we created this chart together after we read several short stories from the Poppleton books.

When we read the last short story (sorry- the titles were cut off the far left side!) I used white tape to cover the black lines that separated the characters and setting, the problem and events, and then the last box was solution.  I explained that often the characters and setting were found in the beginning of the story, the problem and events in the middle, and the solution is at the end.  It is not  a fool proof method, but at least gives students some guidance!

After we practiced this  SEVERAL times I had students create Plot Wallets to see if they could describe the beginning, middle, and end.  

To read how we created these and get a free copy of the cover and labels click here!


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