Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Common Core Book Study and Freebies

Do you know about this great book resource?

A few bloggers have gathered together to do a book study and share resources from this book.  The First Grade and Kindergarten studies are going on now.  Most of the posts also include freebies!  You can get started on the Kindergarten study here and with the First Grade study here.  Second grade completed their study a few weeks ago, but you can still get all the information by starting here. Other grade levels will be posting soon.

I'm part of the First Grade team and shared Unit 3 and Unit 5.  Unit 3 has the theme of Life Lessons and uses fables and non-fiction texts about historical figures to compare.  One of the writing objectives includes sequencing.  I included a free plant sequencing page on this post to use along with learning about George Washington Carver.

Unit 5 has the theme of American Contributions and uses some stories and non-fiction texts to learn about history through the historical figures.  One of the objectives includes fluency.  I included 2 pages of songs by George M. Cohen that can be projected for class practice or laminated for student practice.



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