Sunday, September 16, 2012

ABCs: It's All Sorted Out

Letter sorts for learning the ABCs

Besides being on the common core for Kindergarten, learning your ABCs is one of the starting blocks for children starting out their reading and writing careers.  And it makes it a lot more fun to have lots of different activities to get those letters learned!

I like using sorts for lots of different subjects as it is requires higher levels of thinking to sort and categorize items.  And sorting works GREAT for helping students to recognize and name all upper and lowercase letters of the alphabet- K.RFS.1d

One great sort is the Name Sort where 2 students get to compare the letters in their names to see which letters are in both names and which are only in their own name.  This sort has almost endless possibilities as you can pair and repair students with new partners so it is always a new sort.  And students will be engaged and excited because they are using their own name.  They LOVE activities that center around them and their name!  :)

Sorting letters in your name and a friend's name to see what letters are in both names.

Another sort I like is the Line Sort.  This sort focuses students on each letter's distinguishing features of straight or curved lines.  This sort can really help struggling students begin to notice the differences and similarities in the shapes of the letters.  A couple of good things to use with this sort are macaroni pieces and pieces of spaghetti.  They can use these to lay on top of the letters if needed to physically see the straight lines and curves.

Sorting letters according to straight or curved lines

The next sort I want to feature is the Letter Size Sort.  This particular sort helps students to notice the size of letters and how they are formed.  Students will categorize letters as tall, small or letters that fall below the handwriting line.  

Sorting letters according to if they are tall, small, or fall below the bottom handwriting line.

My last sort that I want to show you today is the Look Alike Sort and it will help students to learn capitals and lower case letters by whether they look like each other or if they look different from each other.  

Sorting letters according to if their capital and lower case letter match each other.

I have included with each of these 4 letter sorts 4 different sets of ABC letter cards with both capital and lower case letters.  

These sorts can be used individually or in literacy centers.  You can even send sorts home with students who may be struggling with a particular aspect of being able to learn their letters.

I hope these sorts will help your students to have fun with their names and with learning their ABCs!  This whole pack is available here if it is something that you or your students are needing.  Might as well have fun as we learn our letters and build our higher level thinking skills!  Enjoy!

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