Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Common Core Standards - What About Them?

I've been to a workshop in my district to get to know the Common Core State Standards, and I've been trying to wrap my head around all this information.  To help myself get my thoughts organized, I put the basic information together, which I'm hoping other people might appreciate as well.  
This is what I've come up with: 

There are 6 strands to the English/ Language Arts Standards (ELA) Standards 
  1. Reading: Literature- This includes 10 standards for comprehending fiction literature.  They fall under the anchor standards of  Key Ideas and DetailsCraft and StructureIntegration of Knowledge and Ideas  and Range of Reading and Level of Text Complexity.
  2. Reading:  Informational Text-  This includes 10 standards for comprehending non-fiction text. As in the Literature section, these standards include these anchor standards: Key Ideas and DetailsCraft and StructureIntegration of Knowledge and Ideas  and Range of Reading and Level of Text Complexity.
  3. Reading:  Foundational Skills- This has 4 anchor standards:  Print Concepts (none for second grade), Phonological Awareness (none for second grade) , Phonics and Word Recognition, and Fluency.  As we were going through our reading program today, we found this section to be very "busy", even though there are no standards on print concepts or phonological awareness.  I think a reading program heavy in phonics, word recognition, and fluency to be very appropriate for the primary grades.  Without the ability to figure out the words, they won't be able to read fluently.  Without fluency, there is no comprehension.  
  4. Writing- There are 4 anchor standards in this area:  Text Types and PurposesProduction and Distribution of WritingResearch to Build and Present Knowledge, and Range of Writing.  There are no standards in the Range of Writing area until 3rd grade.
  5. Speaking and Listening- These have 2 anchor standards:  Comprehension and Collaboration and Presentation of Knowledge and Ideas.  In our work today, we realized that so much of what we do as far as building community at the beginning of the school year fall into the "collaboration" standards.  Whew!
  6. Language- The 3 anchor standards are Conventions of Standard EnglishKnowledge of Language, and Vocabulary Acquisition and Use
On my own blog, Elementary Matters, I have a few materials and ideas on how to practice and assess the above Common Core State Standards.  I hope my list helps you organize these thoughts like it did for me!


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