Sunday, August 26, 2012

Organizing Assessment Data

How I keep all my assessment data organized

Even before common core, we teachers gave kindergarten students assessments to see what they knew when they came in to kindergarten.  Then we assess them again in the middle of the year and again at the end of the year to (hopefully!) show lots of growth and progression.  

This summer I was playing around with how to keep that data organized in one convenient place.  I don't like papers to be everywhere; I want them in one place.  I also am a bit of a data person (maybe that is why I do the RtI in my building).  I want to be able to quickly see what piece each child is missing and what the class as a whole is missing.

So I came up with a way to solve that problem!  Don't you just love it when you find a solution that works?  This binder not only works, but will make things so much easier for my kinder teachers and myself to study our data and make decisions on what the class and individual students need.  

This binder has recording sheets for individual students and recording sheets for class data for these skills:

  1. letter identification (both capital and lower case)- K.RFS.1
  2. sound identification- K.RFS.3
  3. concepts of print- K.RFS.1
  4. writing first and last name
  5. identifying basic shapes- K.G.3
  6. identifying basic colors
  7. counting- K.CC.1
  8. recognizing numbers
  9. writing numbers- K.CC.3
Here are a few looks at how this is organized:

 To make things easier, letter cards (both capital and lower case), number cards, shape and color cards are also included.  

This binder can be used for your beginning, middle and end of the year assessing.  I also plan on using this data for determining who will be needing the services of RtI.  I bound my assessment sheets (one for each kindergarten class) to make it handy to flip through.

I have now added activities and assessments to go with the phonemic awareness section of the binder.  A lot of teachers don't have the activities to go with this so I made them.  AND I have included assessments too!!

Click here to go to my store to see the binder and the activities/assessments.

I hope this helps you with organizing your data.  I have pictures of how the binders and cards look when all put together over at my blog if you would like to see them.

Thank you for letting me share with you today how I organize my data!

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Jackie P. said...

I love that! Where can I find the sheets or would you be willing to email them to me? If so, send them to If not, I completely understand.

mary101010 said...

I too wonder where I can get copies of the sheets . I live how they are categorized by common core standard - it will make the transition this year much easier !

mary101010 said...

Can they be emailed ?

Lori said...

Thank you ladies! This whole assessment bundle with the recording sheets and letter cards (both capital and lower case), number cards 1-20, color cards, and shape cards is available at my TpT store.

Alex Bandit said...

Thank you for taking the time and sharing this information with us. It was indeed very helpful and insightful while being straight forward and to the point Precision signz

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