Friday, August 10, 2012

Higher Order Thinking Skills

Update:  The larger pictures are the updated pictures for the word sort activities.  The student word sort pages have a new fresh and engaging look!

Short and Long Vowel Word Sort Activities

Word sorts with transfer words

Do you use word sorts in your classroom?  Word sorts are such a great tool to use with students to learn patterns and chunks in words for reading, spelling, and writing.  For a full explanation of how to do word sorts, visit my blog, Conversations in Literacy, where I have detailed this for you and the importance of using the transfer words with a word sort.

Classifying and sorting are higher level thinking skills and word sorts are a great way to practice that skill.  Students sort the words and decide what rule applies (classify) to why they were sorted that way- great thinking skills put into practice!  Plus, sorting words can be used in a variety of subjects.  As a reading specialist, I especially see the value in word sorts for learning patterns in words to help with reading skills.  Here are just a few ways you could use word sorts for reading:

  • short vowels
  • long vowels
  • vowel teams
  • prefixes
  • suffixes
  • root words
  • syllables
Another great thing about word sorts is they can easily be differentiated.  Students can complete them individually or in a group, as an open or closed sort, gluing the word cards or writing the words and using a colored pencil for chunking, etc...

I have been looking for just the right word sorts for my students and never could find ones with the right words in the progression that I needed.  So I made my own.  These word sorts are common core aligned (reading foundational skills) and contain 24 complete lessons (word sort- open or closed, transfer words, & silly sentence).  I have also included 8 different themed main word sort pages so students don't have to use the same form over and over.  

Short and Long Vowel Word Sort Activities

word sorts with transfer step

I hope you will give word sorts a try!  Truly a fun and valuable way to build reading skills along with higher order thinking skills.  


Superteacher said...

I use word sorts in my K class. I recommend a book entitiled Words Their Way. I got it from Barnes and Nobles some years ago. Highly recommend. I agree with your comments.

Lori said...

Thank you Gale! I have seen Words Their Way, but don't have a copy. Thanks for the recommendation-I'm always looking for new resources. :)

Lia Amelia said...

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