Friday, August 3, 2012

Common Core Readiness

Hi everyone!  I am Lori from Conversations in Literacy blog.  I am excited to be a part of this wonderful blog that has so many great ideas for you to help you along the path of common core!

Have you visited the website ReadWorks yet?  I think you will find that it has many resources that will help you out.  A friend left me a comment telling me about this great website.  

website resource for the common core

You can watch a 90 second video tour that shows you what all is available on this free site.  They have lessons, nonfiction passages, and much more.  They even list books that you can use to teach different comprehension skills!  Cuts out a lot of the work of hunting down books.  

Now that was just one common core resource!  Click on the picture below so you can get more resources.  I have listed more websites and some professional books for you too!  But besides websites and professional books, you need a way to document for yourself and maybe for your administrator which common core standards that you have taught and assessed.  When you head over to read about the other resources you will find some documenting sheets to help you with this!  I have provided spaces for you to write notes, document when you taught the standards, which assessments you gave and what percent of your class mastered the standard.  Just copy them and place them in a notebook or clipboard.  You will have all of your important documentation all in one place for anytime someone asks to see what you have taught and assessed and how the class did!!  Almost couldn't be any easier!  :)

Book and website resources for the common core


Denise said...

THANK YOU for the tip!!

Lori said...

You are so welcome, Denise!

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