Thursday, July 12, 2012

Common Core Vocabulary Posters

Now, we all know that Common Core is causing quite 
a stir.  There are certain mandates and guidelines and 
explicit skills that we have to teach.  But, did you 
know that we have explicit vocabulary that we need to 
teach??  We are talking more than 'vocabulary words' 
that go with a piece of literature.  We are talking about 
THE REAL NITTY GRITTY vocabulary that is pretty 
technical.  Words like encoding, word analysis....etc.  
So, I sat down here the other day wondering how I 
was going to do that, when I got the idea to create 
vocabulary posters that help with the definitions of all 
of these technical words.  So, I started with Reading 
Foundational Skills 2.3 (for second grade) and created 
posters that I think are going to be DYNAMIC and 
change the way I teach.  I envision using them during 
mini-lessons as we think critically about the skills and 
behaviors needed to express understanding.  They 
look like this!  So far I have only worked on posters 
for 2nd grade.  I am toying with the idea of creating a 
first and third grade set of posters as well if there is a 
need for them.  Is there a need for them??  I need 
some feedback!!  You can click on a pic to go to 
Teachers Pay Teachers, too.




MOGrandmaH said...

Would LOVE first grade posters, please!! Love your creativity! Thanks!

boliver said...

These look great! I would like third grade posters. Thanks!

Shar W said...

These look great. Third grade would be AWESOME!!

polanka said...

I love the kid-friendly language on the posters. I teach ESL to grades K-8 so I would love to have them in any grades that you feel like making them.

rkeating said...

Middle School, please!

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