Monday, July 23, 2012

Keep Track of the CCSS!

Hi everyone! This is Ashley from The Resource Room Teacher. I am a new author here at Common Core Classrooms & I couldn't be more excited! Since I teach a special education resource room (hence the blog name) for 3rd, 4th, & 5th grade, I was very concerned with how I would: a) become familiar with all of the Common Core standards for each grade I teach, and b) make sure I find ways to meet all of the standards throughout the school year.

I figured that if I was having these concerns, then many other teachers were probably feeling the same way! So I decided to create a CCSS Teacher Tracker as a way to keep track of all of the standards. Here is a peak at what the packet includes:

All of the English Language Arts and Mathematics standards are written out with a space for planning & a place to reflect. To organize myself, I printed them out, hole punched them & put them in a binder so they are available to me at all times. Hopefully this tracker will help you become more comfortable & aware of all of the standards!

The CCSS Tracker is available for 3rd, 4th & 5th grade (click on the pictures below):


I hope you find these useful! Good luck with the CCSS! =)



kmachi said...

I can not wait to use them! I am a resource teacher for 3rd and 4th and have wanted a way to do just what you did here!!

Andi said...

This might be really neat in middle school too! Something for teachers to use as part of their reflection as well. Wish this was made for us middle school folks :)

Mommy, Teacher, & So Much More

Ashley Kathleen said...

I'm thinking about making versions for grades K-8. I'll keep you all posted! Thanks for reading =)

The Resource Room Teacher

Lia Amelia said...

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