Friday, July 27, 2012

K-5 CCSS Teacher Trackers

Hi again teacher friends! It's Ashley from The Resource Room Teacher. In a previous post, I shared with you that I created Teacher Trackers for the grades I will be teaching this coming year (3rd, 4th & 5th grade resource room) so I could keep track of all the many standards my students need to be meeting. After that post, I received some great feedback & requests for additional grades' standards.

Well as you know, over at The Resource Room Teacher, we aim to please (50 Shades reference, anyone? Sorry, couldn't resist!). Anyway, I've created the teacher trackers for grade K-5.

Click the image above to head over to my *brand new* Teacher's Notebook store (yay!). All of these will also be up on my TPT Store once all of the maintenance over there is done.

I've also created a bundle pack of all of the K-5 standards in one big packet! (Less than $1.50 a grade! And over 160 pages!) *Grades 6-8 will be coming soon!!* Have a great weekend!



Krista McDaniel said...

Thank you just downloaded the bundle pack!

Ashley Kathleen said...

You're welcome! I hope you find it useful!

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The Resource Room Teacher

Mark-n-Amanda said...

Hello! I love following CCSS, but does anyone follow or blog about middle school, and/or specifically language arts/reading? All the blogs I follow are elementary, which are super great, but I'd like to share with some middle level reading or language arts teachers.

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