Sunday, July 15, 2012

Introducing Sight Words With Color Words

Hello everyone! This is Michelle Griffo from Apples and ABC's, and I am so excited to be sharing my first post with you!  I am a Kindergarten teacher from Southern California, and I have been enjoying this sunny summer.  :)  Next year, I will be the chair of the "Common Core Team" at my school, so I am excited to be sharing on this blog some things that we will be doing in my classroom and at my school.  If you would like to see my blog, click on the picture below.  :)

I have been obsessed with sight words lately.  And as we know, this is a Common Core Standard for the primary grade levels.  One way I introduce sight words to my Kindergarten students is by introducing the "color words" first.  This helps for the students that have not had any exposure to written language.  So I can show the word "red" in a pocket chart, and we can look for red things that we can see around the room, or color different red pictures.  By teaching the students the "color words" first, it then helps them understand that print carries meaning to more abstract words like: the, is, a...etc.  

Here is a freebie that I made for the students to practice reading, printing, tracing, writing, and cut and pasting seven different color words.  The following words are included in this packet: red, yellow, green, blue, orange, black, and brown.  Click on the picture to pick a free one up at my TPT store.

Here is a picture of what the printable looks like:

The following Common Core Standard is addressed:

RF.K.3:  Read Common high-frequency words by sight

Thanks for having me!  I can't wait to write again soon.  :) 
Michelle Griffo~ Apples and ABC's


Erin Sample said...

Very cute pages!Thanks for sharing!
Sample’s Superstars

Layla Wiedrick Henry said...

so impressive! If I taught lower elementary I would totally use this! I will pin it for my primary friends.


Fancy Free in Fourth

applesandabcs said...

Thanks Erin and Layla!

Apples and ABC's

cstollie1 said...

MMMMM? Where have I heard this before??

applesandabcs said...

Cathy! Because you taught me everything I know!!!! ;)

Apples and ABC's

SK Johnson said...

Do you have something like this for basic two dimensional shapes?

JSodano said...

Love this! Sorry I missed out on the freebie.

foleytr said...

Love this! It says it's free but when I went to the store it wasn't. Really wish it were. Great pro tables.

Lia Amelia said...

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