Saturday, July 28, 2012

Common Core Games

 I am excited to incorporate some fun into the Common Core.
I am loving using ten frames to teach numbers. So... I made a game with them.
 One set has the numbers filled in and one set does not. 
Check out my blog post {here} to see how I am going to use these baskets. (And it involves FOOD!)

 I also created this pack to for letter formation for all the letters and numbers 1-10. You can use wiki sticks, play dough, or my food choice {click here to discover what that is!} to create these letters and numbers.
 I put both packs on sale through this weekend (7/30/2012 they go up) in case you wanted to grab them. 
What common core standard are you unsure about?
{I am worried about the lack of some common core standards for K. I have not seen calendar skills or money. That is a little scary to
  Mary Amoson, Sharing Kindergarten


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