Thursday, July 26, 2012

BrainPOP, Jr. K-2

Have you ever heard of BrainPOP, Jr.? If not, it is definitely something you'll want to check into right away. BrainPOP has animated, curricular content that engages students, supports educators, and bolsters achievement. The content is mapped to Common Core, aligned to academic standards, and searchable with their online Standards Tool. BrainPOP is easy to use, with no downloading, installation, or special hardware required. BrainPOP has tons of videos that cover all subject areas. Each video has an easy and hard quiz that you can do online or print out, games, activities, a word wall, book suggestions, writing activities, and more. Here are some screen shots of the writing activity that goes with a back to school video.

Sometimes, I make this into a group activity, by asking my students to answer the question. Then, I type it up, print it out, and send it home. My students love to see their words being typed out on the screen.

Many times, when I give the quiz, I give my students white boards and they write down their answers and then hold up their boards. It's an easy, informal assessment for me. Here is a screen shot of a quiz.

BrainPOP also comes in an ESL version and an Intermediate version. I'm sorry, but I can't seem to link to it right now.

Most of the Common Core Standards are covered in BrainPOP.

I love BrainPOP and I know you will, too. I look at it as 5-6 minutes, where I don't have to say too much, and the children are 100% engaged. Check it out!


Ashley Kathleen said...

My students LOVE BrainPop!! Towards the end of the year, they wanted to watch one or two videos during every snack time! They are very informative & engaging!

Thanks for sharing! =)

The Resource Room Teacher

Mrs. Goodwin said...

We use BrainPop all the time in my class. My students love to do the quizzes at the end of the video as a class. They also love to read the pop a joke and little comic!


Lori Rosenberg said...

Yes, I agree with both of you! And, definitely, I have to do the pop a joke! Funny story! We were watching a video on verbs and there was a mistake in the quiz. I wrote to BrainPOP and Annie actually wrote me back to thank us for finding the mistake. The ACTUAL Annie! I read the letter to my students and they were floored! That was definitely a teachable moment!

ΡΌ Lori
Teaching With Love and Laughter

Miss Nelson said...

BrainPop is the best online resource! My kids just love Moby!

Mrs. Wathen said...

I have used Brainpop in my class and the Media teacher LOVES it! Great idea to use it during snack:)

Courtney Baker said...

I teach 5th, so I use the regular BrainPop. My kids LOVE Tim and Moby. I recommend it to all my teacher friends!


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