Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Biography Writing

Writing is something that often gets pushed out to the backburner.  With the push towards reading and math in most schools, I know that something has to give and, often, writing gets the shaft.  And how do I know this?  Because I am guilty of doing it myself.

However, last year I was determined to make writing something that was foremost on the thoughts of my students.  I made sure that we were consciously thinking about our standards and what we wanted to accomplish with them.  Because of that, my students became successful and fluent writers.

teaching in room 6, common core classroomsOne of the most engaging projects we did went along with our unit on the American Revolution.  The students each researched a Patriot (or Loyalist) and wrote a biography of the life and contribution of that person.  I helped to scaffold the writing with lots of graphic organizers and mini-lessons, all designed to get those common core standards in and internalized.  Then, the students created these AMAZING figures using hangers and art supplies.  It truly was a project that the students won't forget.  It also helped them to work on much needed writing standards.

Come on over to my blog to read in greater detail about just how I was able to embed many different common core writing standards and make the writing process a bit easier for the students. 


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